Where Do You Get Your Info?

Day 361, 171-190

Dr. Sunshine

12/28/20231 min read

Not that I recommend getting your health and wellness advice from social media (or from a blog written by a guy masquerading as a Juilliard trained dermatologist, for that matter), but I was alerted to an interesting post yesterday regarding Vitamin D. The short version is that while there are many studies that show poor health correlated to low vitamin D, there are few to no studies that associate vitamin D supplementation with good health outcomes. I have pointed this out before. In other words, vitamin D seems to be important to health, but it doesn't work to supplement one's way out of a deficit. What is going on here? In many ways, supplements are no different than any other drug manufactured by pharma. They don't work like the real thing. For starters, Vitamin D, as well as just about every other vitamin we know about, comes in a variety of flavors, slight variations, and we need all of them, not just the isolated Vitamin D that comes in a bottle. The best way to get the full complement is with the food we eat. In the case of Vitamin D, it means sun exposure as well as from food. I'd like to throw out another idea, however. In the case of vitamin D, maybe it's not the vitamin D. Perhaps it's something else picked up from all the sun, fresh air, maybe some grounding and exercise that a naturally D replete human likely gets in the process of making all that glorious vitamin D. Maybe it's both. Take your vitamin D supplement if you feel compelled, but do me a favor and take it outside, with a glass of water.