The Sunshine Must Go On

Day 150, 71-79

Dr. Sunshine

5/31/20231 min read

The Sunshine crew is shipping out tomorrow for a 3 week camping trip. I use the term "camping" generously, because we will be in a travel trailer. We love camping, but air mattresses on the ground just don't work for us, so this was the compromise we made. I will continue to post daily documentation of my sunrises, although I may switch over to Instagram or something if internet and electricity become a challenge as editing the web page on my phone is near impossible. If I do, I will link it in a new blog post. Also, when I am not busy kayaking or biking I will be catching up on a lot of reading, so I may get some longer posts in as well, as long as the writing doesn't interfere with the biking and kayaking! For now I have to get to work on packing, so enjoy the pictures and get outside.