The Sun Is Really Powerful

Day 349, 168-181

Dr. Sunshine

12/17/20231 min read

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Bright natural sunlight is great and all, but it really doesn't matter. The rays that count get through no matter what. What's more, I took special note of a little tidbit at Mrs. Dr. Sunshine's "Embrace Your Health" talk today (shame on you if you missed it!). One slide had a graphic depicting the high percentage of red and infrared light relative to blue and other frequencies in the morning at northern latitudes at this time of year. Light at the red end of the spectrum is healing, anti-inflammatory. This time of year in Upstate NY and similar places is our strength. If we allow ourselves, this is the opportunity to rest and rebuild inside and out with a hearty dose of red (visible) and infrared (not visible) light. That's right, Chunk. Look to the sky, even if you can't see the sun for the clouds!