The Minstry of Truth

Day 287, 139-148

Dr. Sunshine

10/16/20232 min read

My father, Sunshine Sr., is exceedingly healthy for his age. But he has lots of interests he wants to continue pursuing for many years to come, so when it comes to his health he wants to leave nothing to chance. So he reads lots of books and asks lots of questions. And MDS and I are more than happy to help as we want to see him continue to be active for many years to come, and because we want to try to unlock the fountain of youth for ourselves (and for all of you, of course!). So what is a curious person to do when there are so many books by smart people that say the exact opposite of each other? One says cut all grain, the next builds on that and says go keto, then some other guy comes in and says go vegan, and on and on.

Take a step back and breathe. First, all these people are smart, and did their research, and typically follow the diet they espouse and feel great. Second, consider that if everyone is focused on diet and coming up with different answers, maybe there is another variable that is being missed, or several. It might be pesticides in the growing, preservatives in the preparation, plastics in the packaging, or the light environment where the food is grown and consumed. It could be all of these. Or it could be something else we won't know about until a smarty comes along and uncovers it in 100 years.

So take a breath and look within. You might want to go vegan (for a while), or you might try keto (for a while). You might like how you feel with either of those and stick with it for a long time. Or, you might not. You might realize your feelings about different diets change with the season, and then you might be getting somewhere. However it goes for you, keep the food real, cut the sugar, and you probably don't actually need much, if any, grain.

As always, I am only here for general information and entertainment purposes. Please talk to your doctor before eating.