The Hangover?

Day 127, 76-51

Dr. Sunshine

5/8/20231 min read

I expected to be one hurtin' dog this morning, but the sunrise protocol must be working its magic. Head to pillow, brain to Dreamland, like a switch. Then I popped awake refreshed at 5:30 and ready to get out and receive first light, no aches or nothing. If not for the very faint bruises, I can't even tell where the paintballs got me. It was two days later, but still. Ha, just kidding!

Yes, I am becoming one of those people, proselytizing about the latest miracle cure. But you know why? Because it works and it's free. Get outside and get the light exposure straight. Exposure to sunrise is the most important, but a close second is cleaning up the junk light at night. In fact, if getting out for sunrise is too onerous (sunrise is now before 6 and getting earlier every day, after all), then start with the night habits. As close to sunset time as possible, turn down the artificial indoor lights, wear some good bluelight blocking glasses, and shut off the screens. Bonus points for a little sunset exposure before that. You will sleep better, and before you know it sunrise will be a piece of cake. I'm not even going to put a "talk to your doctor" disclaimer on this one.