The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Day 310, 150-160

Dr. Sunshine

11/8/20231 min read

Man, oh man. I was playing it all wrong as a kid. Forget the single bonus hour on the Sunday ending DST. That was all I got when I was programmed to follow an arbitrary man-made schedule. Now that I am following the sunrise, I'm getting a bonus hour every morning this week. I'm sure the feeling of that bonus hour will wane as we march toward the winter solstice, but it should be good for at least a couple of weeks. Sunrise on Saturday was somewhere around 7:42. We won't get back to that even by the solstice. The only other close call will be the dreaded return to DST in March. Maybe I need to get into politics, or find a good activist group to join to help put an end to this madness. In the meantime, I will throw in an oversized close-up of Chunk to soothe me.