Rain Be Darned

Day 253, 121-132

Dr. Sunshine

9/12/20231 min read

The universe is definitely testing my will here. But I will not be silenced. The rain was so light during our walk it could easily have been mistaken for condensation collecting and dropping off the leaves, as my optimistic mind did while Mrs. Dr. Sunshine declared it rain. Perhaps because of the streak of gray skies, we so badly wanted a fire I got to work right away. Since I astutely pre-split some wood and put it under cover yesterday, the fire started easily. However, the rain quickly picked up and doused my beautiful little campfire. We will try again tomorrow. Just in case, I pulled out my homemade "hobo-stove" to have a mini-fire under cover of the gazebo. One way or another, there will be (sun)light.