Oh, Sweet Irony!

Day 363, 171-192

Dr. Sunshine

12/31/20231 min read

So today we got both sun AND snow, but neither landed when or where they were supposed to. The morning was all clouds, so we missed out at sunrise. But that I'm used to by now, so no big deal. The real killer was going out to soak up a little sun in the afternoon and seeing the hillside coated in snow, except for the actual ski trails! It's a little tough to see, but there is a dark stripe to the right of center. That is our "double black diamond" (Oooooh! Ski it if you dare!) devoid of snow. How does this even happen? I have never seen that before. If anything, the trails typically cling to a little snow first since the one special feature of our little ski hill is that it faces almost perfectly North. It's a little colder now, so hopefully the snow making will ramp up if Mother Nature doesn't accommodate us.