NN-EMF's, Oh My!


Dr. Sunshine

5/29/20232 min read

Reading abut non-native electromagnetic fields such as cell phone signals, microwaves, wifi, etc. has me wanting to line my house with tin foil a la Chuck McGill from Better Call Saul. Even with a mondo-size roll from Costco, that is just not practical. Not to mention, it probably wouldn't help anyway, because what about the electrical wiring? Arrrrrgggghhhh! It's in the walls, crawling all around me! It's everywhere!

Sorry, couldn't help myself. But I'm only halfway through the chapter on this topic in Mitochondriac Manifesto, and it feels as though all hope is lost. All the non-native EMFs being produced by our technology operate at frequencies that are disruptive to mitochondrial function. They essentially vibrate our cells to pieces, like a wobbly wheel eventually causing a cart to fall apart. But we love our gadgets, and even if we did go on a tech diet, the cows are already out of the barn because many EMFs just keep bouncing around in our atmosphere forever. So now what do we do?

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution. It's a secret, so I'm going to whisper it to you. Come closer...a little closer...a little bit more...there you go.


Blue light is EMF, and perhaps one of the worst ones of all when introduced by man-made means. Blue light is an important signal to set our circadian rhythm, so we need some blue light exposure. But it has to be at specific times of the day and mixed with other parts of the light spectrum (hence my little sunrise chronicle here). What we are doing with all our LED screens and lightbulbs is overloading our bodies all day long with excess blue light and in isolation. Exposure to blue light without other parts of the spectrum is like drinking apple juice instead of eating the whole apple. Which do you think is going to make you fatter?

So put down the tin foil and clean up the blue light. Make sure to take advantage of night light settings on computers, tablets, and phones all day long. Use good yellow to orange blue light blocking glasses whenever staring at a screen. These measures will affect perception of color, so you may have to use these selectively depending on your line of work. If that is the case, try taking your laptop outside, or work near open windows as much as possible as concurrent natural light exposure may offset the blue light bombardment. Turn off the screens and lights, especially fluorescents and LEDs, in the evening at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. Skip the sunglasses and go outside without contact lenses or prescription glasses, as they will filter some wavelengths of light. The other sources of NN-EMF are tough avoid, but we can mitigate exposure to some extent. Be mindful of where you keep your cell phone in relation to your body and turn off your wifi when you're not using it.

Believe it or not, this was the short version of the story. If you want to work with someone that is really knowledgeable about this stuff and would love to do a deeper dive with you to improve your health, check out www.HoraiosWellness.com.

As always, this blog should not be used as individual medical advice. Talk to your doctor before turning off your lights, moving your computer, or anything else.

That sun is getting tougher to spot every day! Fortunately, we're taking the sunshine show on the road later this week. So if you were getting tired of the same old photos, fear not! A change of horizon is on the horizon!