My Favorite Things

Day 143, 64-79

Dr. Sunshine

5/24/20231 min read

There is so much to love about being outside early in the morning, taking in the sights and sounds of Nature before the modern world is fully awake. It would be impossible to pick one thing. But I'm going to try anyway. The thing that struck me this morning was the gentle breeze flowing through the trees. The sound caught me off guard initially. I'm not sure if I just noticed it more because the air has been so still for the past few mornings, or if the leaves have reached a critical density where they are playing a different song on the wind. Add to that the visual of the tallest branches bending gently and the leaves flashing their silvery undersides, and I had my most enjoyable sunrise walk so far. My perception of subtle changes in the world around me and appreciation for the natural beauty everywhere have definitely become keener since embarking on my daily sunrise habit. I recommend it!