More Wisdom from the OG Health Coach

Day 252, 121-131

Dr. Sunshine

9/11/20231 min read

Thick clouds and fog this morning, so we were all about the artificial sunrise today. No sun, and also no tuna, hence the beggars at the front door. What we do have is a (reusable!) Poor Richard's Almanack Quote-a-Day calendar. I happened to read today's quote just before sitting to write my daily post: "A temperate diet frees from diseases; such are seldom ill, but if they are surprised with sickness, they bear it better and recover sooner; for most distempers have their original from repletion." Boom, mic drop (or maybe he had a megaphone back then).

So, of course we're talking about not eating too much. But what about a balance of macronutrients? What about foods that are not too exotic, as in being sourced locally? I wonder if Ben Franklin had any thoughts on deuterium? I shall refer back to our calendar daily to find out!