More Sun, More Fish

Day 212, 98-114

Dr. Sunshine

8/2/20231 min read

Sunshine, Jr. loooooooooves to fish. The only other thing I can remember him pursuing with such passion is computer gaming, so I'll take it. He got hooked by a friend a few months ago, and I got involved by default. I am not as committed as he is with watching youtube videos, learning different rigs to use, etc., but I daresay I am as hooked as he is on the act of fishing. If you have never fished, I recommend you try it. It is a very meditative experience (or at least it can be). The other great thing is you can dive in as deep as you want. My son of course wants to buy all sorts of gear up to but surely not limited to a fishfinder, but I am getting an optimal experience with a single very average rod and reel combo and one lure (Mister Twister 3" white grub on a 1/8 oz red-eye jig head, in case you're wondering), and at least for now I'm catching as many fish as he is. In other words, fishing is one of those rare things where even though the sky's the limit in what you can spend in time and money, you can get 99% of the experience without much outlay at all. Check it out!