Listen To This Podcast. Really

Day 313, 150-163

Dr. Sunshine

11/11/20231 min read

Feeling a little desperate to get to even, I was going to try to claim this scene as sun. But in a weird twist of fate it it was Mrs. Dr. Sunshine weighing in with the pessimistic viewpoint. Oh, well. Weirder still, she was the one that took the initiative to make a fire later in the morning. Not that weird, actually, as she is quite the proficient cavewoman. It's just that the fire is normally my realm.

Anyway, I'm having fun here with chronicling my efforts at receiving daily sunrises and occasionally providing some opinions and information, but if you want to know everything you really need to know about everything, just listen to the November 8th episode of Tetragrammaton with Rick Rubin, featuring RFK, Jr. and Dr. Jack Kruse. I am not any of those people, just an avid fan. I am about halfway through it and already planning my re-listen. I never replay a podcast. This will be the first time. I am not even going to try to summarize it. If after hearing it you want more guidance about your personal wellness, feel free to get in touch with me. I'll be here.