Keep It Simple

Day 109, 67-42

Dr. Sunshine

4/20/20232 min read

It is still a little chilly out, but at least we're back to seeing a little bit of sun this morning.

Ahh, the soothing glow of pre-sunrise light, juxtaposed with a dramatic action-cat shot!

"Keep it simple" is yet another favorite motto of mine, and I want to add it to the mix on yesterday's post. No matter what one thinks the mechanism of action is, nobody can argue with the benefits of walking and fresh air. That is why I love the sunrise habit. It is simple. Studying up on the effects of magnetism on our health, the way I was seeing it became very complex and convoluted very quickly. For example, the benefit of the earth's magnetic field is that it is so large it is essentially unidirectional, forming lines of flux from the north pole to the south pole (or vice versa), very uniform over a large area so that it doesn't matter whether you are facing North-South, East-West, or standing on your head. Contrast that with the bidirectional fields that we would notice with a smaller magnet, or directed fields generated by nn-EMF. My first thought is whether we humans are powerful enough to effect a big enough change with our technology to counteract that, eg generating nn-EMF that cancels it out? If the answer is no, then what good is a man-made device designed to counteract the counteraction? If the answer is yes, then I think the solution is not so simple as sleeping on a magnetic pad, as one would have to be mindful of the net direction of all fields; earth's, the nearby cell tower, the wiring in your house(?!), AND the sleeping pad! You may need to set it up at a 36 degree incline with the head pointing 42 degrees N-NE while sleeping on your left side only.

Now that I have made everybody and myself go cross-eyed, maybe I need to apply the "keep it simple" rule to my own thought process. But the bigger takeaway is that as there has been before, there may be more to this story now that we(I) just don't understand yet. As simple as it may sound to sleep on a magnet pad, to me the simpler solution is pursuing the tried and true. That will serve most people just fine, and then sets the table for taking a deeper dive on some other modalities. Now go outside and get your eyes uncrossed.