It's What We Do

Day 293, 141-152

Dr. Sunshine

10/22/20231 min read

My (admittedly lame) excuse for the cop-out post yesterday was that we had a family member (Señora Sunrise, Mrs. Dr. Sunshine's mother) arriving by air at an ungodly hour last night. Now we have a jet-lagged Granny and 4 locals who got their sleep schedule thrown out of whack, not to mention the cardinal sin of excess blue light exposure in the form of various media consumption while we killed time prior to heading out to pick her up. Granted, I suppose one or two of us could have gone instead of scrambling all our brains, but my misguided chivalry compelled me, and then everyone had to go.

Anyway, recovery from this sort of assault is what we have been training for. So it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. That means right back on track with a sunrise walk and grounding this morning, shutting down the artificial blue light this evening, and do it all again tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a little sun to give us a boost.