It's Official

Day 307, 148-159

Dr. Sunshine

11/4/20231 min read

It is official, I am an old geezer. When I was a kid I used the end of Daylight Savings strategically. It was a simpler time when all our clocks and watches had to be changed manually. I took advantage of this by delaying the actual changing of the clocks. I would squander the entire day doing kid stuff, knowing that I had a bonus hour in my back pocket. Finally, when 10 pm rolled around, I would pull that hour from my back pocket and buckle down and do some school work. Realistically, my DST routine probably wasn't different from any other Sunday, but at least for one day of the year I felt I was gaming the system.

Anyway, look at me now. Perhaps for the first time ever, save for the few times I've actually had a scheduled task on the Sunday ending DST, I am preparing for it the day ahead. In my mind I am already operating an hour ahead to get to bed to make sure I am well rested to still catch sunrise a whole glorious hour earlier. It seems like an old man way of thinking, but I think the spirit is the same. I'm still gaming the system. I'm just taking that hour first thing in the morning.