I...Have Made Fire!!!

Day 289, 139-150

Dr. Sunshine

10/18/20232 min read

No rain this morning, but Mrs. Dr. Sunshine did not have the luxury of time to sit at a full-on campfire. So I decided to put the hobo stove to to the test and at least give myself a dose of full spectrum light this morning. Here's a closer look at it:

Search online for "soup can camp stove" and you'll get a million hits on how to make your own. I took a big coffee can and punched holes all around the top, bottom and underside using a can opener with a pointed punch. I rested it on a tuna can to allow air flow in through the underside holes. Theoretically one could bend the punched metal from the bottom holes to make feet, but they tend to be uneven and bend out of shape and create more sharp edges. Some small rocks at the edges might be advisable to improve stability, but it was just me out there and I liked the aesthetic of the "floating" hobo stove. I also added a pie tin as an ash catcher, and voila! You also will want a heat shield if you are resting it on anything other than dirt or gravel, as it will get hot and burn or deface whatever surface it is on. For this quick test I used some folded up cardboard which is probably adequate, but I would be a little concerned about that catching fire with prolonged use. So I have a reflective heat shield designed for use with fire bowls that I will use going forward for optimal safety. This DIY camp stove is basically a poor man's Solo Stove. The holes promote vortexing of air flow to improve burning efficiency and reduce smoke. It creates great focused heat to be useable for cooking. Just make sure you have it well stabilized before trying to rest any grates or cookware on it. Better to have a separate means of holding a grate just above the stove in order to reduce restriction of airflow through your fire and also to allow access to feed the fire. The downside to a small stove like this is there is only room for very small chunks of wood and twigs which burn very fast, so you will need to add fuel regularly. The upside is a portable stove that can burn all sorts of fuels and can be used in an assortment of situations. I for one am now equipped to institute my zero tolerance policy regarding cloudy days. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I am here only to provide pretty pictures and entertainment. Please consult with your doctor before making or using a hobo stove.