I Can't Take it No Mow!

Day 130, 76-54

Dr. Sunshine

5/11/20231 min read

Yowie, that grass is getting pretty long. Of course, No Mow May started in April this year, so I'm not surprised. We actually did the no mow thing accidentally last year due to a month long West Coast road rip, and subsequently learned that it's an actual thing. It's really good for the bees and other pollinators, and healthy for the grass too. We had a few bare patches that didn't want to comply for a few years that filled in quite nicely last year. The long grass is also nicer for barefoot walking, like an electron charged shag carpet! Perhaps best of all, it's really cool to watch the swirls form in the grass on a windy day. But I don't think our neighbors quite have the same appreciation for it, so we probably will only make it a few more days. But I'm going to be a rebel and only cut it on the highest setting. Ha HA!