I am Weak...

Day 137, 60-77 (Switching it up!)

Dr. Sunshine

5/18/20231 min read

I chickened out this morning on grounding. Well, technically Mrs. Dr. Sunshine chickened out. But I followed, which I think is actually worse. The sun was out in spirit only this morning. It was cold, and there was major frost build-up on the grass, looking like Old Man Winter's hair. I usually reserve my grounding for the home stretch of our morning walk in order to avoid stinking up my shoes with sockless wet feet. When I stopped to pop off my socks, MDS looked at me incredulously.

“You’re going to ground?!”

“You’re not?!”

"I’m going to skip it, too cold!”

"Well, screw that! I’m not gonna do it if you’re not!”

My last reply was the killer, and the one I am beating myself up over. A recurring theme in our house with the kids is they compare their experiences all..the..time, typically in the context of “fairness”. Of course, life isn’t fair. Everyone is different. Everyone has different needs at different times. We have to maintain accountability to ourselves and do what is right for Our Selves. Which isn’t to say we shouldn’t strive to be fair, and to help each other out. But sometimes that looks like leading by example, or making some tough decisions. And "fair" does not always mean "even".

I was weak this morning, but now I am stronger. If this situation comes up again, I will take off my socks and connect to the cold earth. And I will not judge my beautiful wife if she chickens out anyway in the face of my bravery!

Mr. Peanutbutter just rolled his eyes at me.