I Almost Forgot...

Day 114, 69-45

Dr. Sunshine

4/25/20231 min read

We're up to 45 sun-sightings at sunrise! Try saying that 10 times fast. The sun is slowly starting to catch up, even if the heat is not. I believe 45 is also the best we can hope for as a high temperature today. We started off pretty cloudy, as you can see in the pre-sunrise photos in the gallery, so I wasn't sure we'd make it. And I had to repeat the picture of Chunk; too cute to leave as a thumbnail.

Anyway, what did I almost forget? In my hurry to get all the thoughts out of my head yesterday, I forgot to remind everybody of the most important part of the whole heart not being a pump thing: our mitochondria! Mitochondria are key to generating those discrete regions of positive and negative charge around the red blood cells, along the vessel walls and in the plasma. And those charge differential are vital to generating the magnetic fields to push everything along. Love your mitochondria, and your mitochondria will love you back!