Hard Work and Perseverance

Day 236, 112-124

Dr. Sunshine

8/26/20231 min read

Today's inspirational message is courtesy of a hike to a secluded lake. While meeting a group of friends at a local park for a hike, I wanted to scope out fishing options for a future visit, and the little sunbeams and a few of their friends reluctantly joined in. This trail starts with a dramatic descent on stairs. They are well-formed but very shallow and varying depth. Then, the path around the lake has lots of uneven rocks that were particularly slippery today given the recent rain and the day's humidity. Last, but not least, the return involves going up all those stairs. Well, we did it, and while there were a few scrapes and bruises, there was surprisingly little complaining. Maybe it's not so much hard work and perseverance as it is management of expectations (mine). In any case, we did scout out some pretty sweet fishing spots. Now the only question is do we really want to do that hike with fishing rods and tackle bags? Probably.