Happy To Be Home

Day 173, 81-92

Dr. Sunshine

6/23/20231 min read

The cats and the chickens are happy we're home, and the dogs are making themselves comfy as well. But Mrs. Dr. Sunshine and I feel something is missing. So we are continuing our morning ritual to try and hang on to some of the camping magic. Every morning after a brief sunrise walk, I would get a fire going while she prepared our yerba mate and coffee. Then we would just sit and enjoy the warmth of the fire and the singing birds all around. Nighttime campfires with friends are fun too, but don't sleep on the morning campfire!

The Sun is out there somewhere to light up the hillside, but we can't see it. There was a fiery sky to the East when I first got outside, but I didn't bother to snap a shot as I assumed it would get better. I was wrong.