Going Mobile

Day 83, 59-24

Dr. Sunshine

3/25/20231 min read

Ugh, guess I won't be doing that again. Today's experiment was to assemble my blog post on my cell phone, in preparation for spring travel season in case of limited computer access. I was able to get as far as completing the title banner and uploading the day's photos, but I was unable to type the main text. So I moved over to the iPad, as it seemed to be a screen real estate issue not allowing a keyboard and the text field to appear simultaneously. That seemed to work, although the next issue was not being able to drag and drop to rearrange elements. Sure enough, when I dropped a gallery button to add the rest of the photos, it was plopped on top of everything else, with no way to "grab" and move it. To make matters worse, it essentially crashed the whole thing and wiped out all the witty prose I had conjured. That is gone, lost to the ether, and now you're stuck with this. I guess this is why all the cool kids are using the Instagram and the TikTok (hairs on back of neck bristle). Oh well. Fortunately I do own a super portable energy-sipping laptop for travel, and maybe I will look into more mobile-friendly blogging options for the future. In the meantime, enjoy some animal pictures on this cold rainy day. The only redeeming quality to a day like today is all the road salt being washed away so all the cool summer cars can roam free!