Frozen Fish

Day 282, 136-146

Dr. Sunshine

10/11/20231 min read

Perspective works in funny ways. This morning I felt like sunrise was kind of gray, perhaps because I woke up early and spent some time in the dark. But upon review of the pictures, we actually had some sun.

That did not mean it was warm today. It was in fact quite breezy and cool. But Sunshine, Jr.'s fishing fiend friend was visiting, so that did not matter, nor did the threat of rain that fortunately amounted to nothing more than a light drizzle as we set out. Perspective again to the rescue. We did not experience the cold air while being warmed by the thrill of the hunt. Only several hours in, when my catch count was falling hopelessly behind the others, did I start to notice how cold my hands were. Of course the fish bit at just frequent enough intervals to keep me going until it was finally time to come in for dinner.