Easter Sunday

Day 98, 64-34

Dr. Sunshine

4/9/20231 min read

I am loving these earlier mornings. The full frontal sun isn't too bad either. Little Miss Sunshine caught up to us today, so we'll see if Junior follows suit soon. I will leave one quick truth nugget, like an Easter egg, before focusing on family time on this Easter Sunday. We all know that antibiotics don't just kill the bacteria we want them to kill. They also wreak havoc on the bacteria that live within us symbiotically, such as on our skin and in our gut. What I never thought of before, but was so obvious upon reading it, is what are antibiotics doing to our mitochondria? Theoretically, they originated as independent bacteria that became integrated into other cells in a symbiotic arrangement. If mitochondria are essentially still bacteria, it stands to reason that taking an antibiotic might kill them too. In other words, there might be a lot more to repair than just your gut flora. Something to think about before reaching for that antibiotic for a cold.

The chickens aren't messing around after yesterday's excitement.