Double Take

Day 115, 69-46

Dr. Sunshine

4/26/20231 min read

Mrs. Dr. Sunshine and I were up kind of early, and the dogs were getting rowdy, so we thought we'd get an early start to our light exposure. No sunrise (yet), but no worries. Pre-sunrise has a little more red light, which is good for spooling up energy production at the cellular level, and helps generate that 4th phase of water! The little Sunbeams were still sawing logs, so we didn't venture too far and got back in before the sunrise.

But I couldn't let a good sunrise go to waste. Also, Chunk and Mr. Peanutbutter had a heated argument about who should guard the kibble bin and needed a little separation. So I had the perfect excuse to get back outside for a brief photo-op. Chunk was too busy sniffing something out to give me a good pose, but the chickens always oblige as long as I'm simultaneously patient and quick.