(Don't) Trust the Process(ing)

Day 338, 162-176

Dr. Sunshine

12/6/20231 min read

I was set on a course to read the diet book du jour by an interested family member. That family member has come around and is now disregarding it, but I am in too deep. The one positive takeaway I can share is this. Processed food is bad. It seems obvious, but I don't think you understand. It is really, really, really bad. It's not about more starch, or more protein, or less sugar and grain (wait, it probably is that). It is the addition of synthetic chemicals in manufacturing, the concentration of macronutrients when pressing and macerating, the separation of parts that need to work together in our bodies. Our bodies see a whole apple very differently from apple juice, or even apple sauce. Chemicals used to speed up harvesting, preserve food, give it appealing colors stay in the food and in us when we eat it. Even the sugar and grain wouldn't be so bad except for the concentration of sugar that comes from processing and the contamination of grains with pesticides. I'm a broken record on this one, but it just keep coming up. Eat real food, not too much, not far from home. And now, a picture of dogs running in snow to lighten the mood.