Don't Believe Everything You Hear

Day 190, 87-103

Dr. Sunshine

7/11/20231 min read

I have a sneezing problem. It's not all the time, but certain times of year, presumably due to allergies, or on cold and wet days like today I typically have one or two sneezing fits. Yesterday, Mrs. Dr. Sunshine caught some social media video of someone explaining that a sneezing fit was actually a sign the adrenal glands trying to recharge or something, and he had a special stretch to alleviate it. Of course, she had to show it to me, so that I might end my suffering. As luck would have it, I started sneezing away this morning, and I thought, what the heck. Boy, I should have consulted my physician before trying this maneuver. I was all twisted into a pretzel, arms crossed with one over the shoulder and the other across the body and then turned, twisted and bent at the torso. Then, mid stretch, I sneezed and bit my tongue. So much for that. Now I have been talking funny all day, but I didn't sneeze again after that, so maybe it worked. Or maybe I could just be more proactive about blowing my nose. Or maybe I just need to distract myself by biting my tongue or hitting myself in the head with a hammer. We may never know.