Day 8

7-1, going to lean on the puppy pics today! Post Date 1/9/23

Dr. Sunshine

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Good morning, All! I am working on a post about light and vitamin D that I will hopefully put up tomorrow if not later today. As a programming note, for the sake of continuity I will do a short post titled "Day X" every day, and then some days will have an additional post that is more topical. That way those of you that don't want to think too much can easily find the short posts, and those that want to skip the schlock will know where not to click.

Today's sunrise was not much, so enjoy some dog pictures. In response to reader feedback (from Mrs. Dr. Sunshine), I am including our elder statesman in addition to the puppy. She liked the idea of puppy pictures, but didn't want our other animals to feel left out. When I said I don't think they read my blog, she just looked at me sternly and said, "Oh, they know, Dear. They know."

The key to a clear dog picture, get them sleeping.