Day 76


Dr. Sunshine

3/18/20231 min read

The chickens negotiating the great divide. Only the strong will survive!

The downside to being tuned in to sunrise/sunset and my own circadian rhythm? I have never been so thrown off by daylight saving time. It is still a topic of grumbling in our household. Paired with the wacky weather it certainly feels like "end of days" sort of stuff. In a dream from the other night I was writing a blog entry and the Cloud/Sun tally was 200-22! I was momentarily in and out of sleep and could hear that it was raining so I guess my brain thought it would be funny to incorporate that. Anyway, it was cloudy this morning, but I could tell the sun would break through eventually. Sure enough, it did, and we've had plenty of fruitful light breaks mid-morning, noon and early afternoon. Huzzah!