Day 72, or, Age is Just a Number


Dr. Sunshine

3/14/20231 min read

Sorry for the missing post yesterday. It is up now, likely operator (me) error. I blame Daylight (NOT) Saving Time. Alternatively, I suppose I can blame it on my advancing age as today, Pi Day, is my birthday. Mrs. Dr. Sunshine, since she is older than me (haha!), always likes to figure out a way to "up round" me. In the process of crafting this year's burn I thought she made a good point. To protect the innocent, I will illustrate using my age as the variable "X". She pointed out that this, my X birthday, is actually me entering my X+1 year on Earth. For example, if someone is "turning 30" we are recognizing that they completed a 30th year of life, since we start at "0". The other way to look at it is that person is entering into their 31st year of life. Mrs. Dr. Sunshine was just trying to tease me and make me appear one year older than I thought I was, but I chose to focus on the deeper meaning, at least as I saw it (take that, Lady!). I like the idea of being more forward-looking and rounding up to recognize the year ahead rather than dwelling on the past. Of course, there is always value in studying history (ancient history in my case, haha!), but today I am X+1! Today is the first day of the rest of my life and so on. Anyway, here are some pictures of the dogs wrestling in the mountains of snow delivered for my birthday.