Day 7

Ugh, 6-1 Clouds

1/8/20231 min read

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to be conspiring against you? Yeah, that was this morning for me. The sunrise was not much to look at, so I figured I would activate the cute puppy protocol, but he and his dog brother were not having it. It was the worst, because they would get into a little tussle and then be sitting there all adorable, daring me to take a shot and then they would go all bonkers again just as I got the camera up and ready. Next time I'm just going to go for it even if it is all furry dog butt up in the air. The best I could do was a cat picture, but even that didn't come out great. Our cats often join us for our sunrise walk, several paces ahead or behind, sometimes darting into the trees. It's like a scene right out of Dr. Dolittle.

So sunrise was a bust, but what's that lurking in the darkness?!

Relax everybody, it's just the cat.