Day 68


Dr. Sunshine

3/11/20231 min read

That is the (just past) full moon at sunrise, exiting stage right. Pretty neat, huh? The sunrise was even better. In fact, it was so spectacular the dogs were going crazy barking and running through the house to alert us. Or maybe they were just barking at the cats taunting them from the front deck.

The clouds persisted so it was short lived. Since yesterday was a split decision that I ruled in favor clouds, today goes in the Sun column. The colors were too pretty to ignore and even the quality control officer chimed in with his approval. (The Rooster, not Mr. Peanutbutter. Although he liked it too.)

Chunk's contract requires he receive equal photographic representation.

And since I'm writing this late, here's a bonus photo. An afternoon snowstorm brought us a winter wonderland for our sunset walk. (Spectacular sunset not included)