Day 65, or, Revenge of the AI Bots


Dr. Sunshine

3/7/20231 min read

Gah! What a mess. "Other features" were causing issues with visibility of my photo galleries. They are there in full view mode if you click in the big empty white space, but that isn't obvious unless you are particularly eagle-eyed to notice your cursor change as you drag across the screen. That issue seems to be fixed, but now the formatting is all off with all the elements overlapping. I will go back as best I can to clean them up but it could be a while as there are only so many hours in the day, even with the glorious sunrises coming earlier and earlier! I suspect our new robot overlords didn't like my recent taunting and now I am being strong-armed into releasing a formal apology. I won't do it! I will stand strong in the face of adversity and push forward! Incidentally, this is an excellent case for reducing our dependence on tech. Stop reading my blog and seek sunrises! Okay, I think I have used up my daily allotment of exclamation points! (AKA "yellie marks" according to Little Miss Sunshine)

There must have been some party in the chicken coop last night, as my quality control officer seems to be just staggering out the door well after sunrise

I could look at pictures of this handsome guy all day long.