Day 63


Dr. Sunshine

3/5/20231 min read

Today's AI bot selection was even more nonsensical than yesterday's, so I just deleted it. Today we are featuring cats and dogs. The sun was trying to make it's way out this morning, but just couldn't quite pull of the upset. It did feel quite bright out though, which was nice. Speaking of brightness, I may have misspoke about the timing of UVA. My understanding was that it was powerful enough to get through our atmosphere even when coming in at an angle, or very cloudy, and hence always present. But Mrs. Dr. Sunshine says the UVA doesn't appear until later in the morning. I guess I'll just have to get it in gear, study up and write up a blog post about. I am well overdue for a real post anyway. If there are any cosmologists that would like to weight in, or cosmetologists that study light energy as a hobby, feel free to contact me. In the meantime, hopefully I can satiate you with some cute animal photos, or some cloudy sky photos for the pessimists.

The dogs are in charge of roll call. They don't budge until everybody is out the door.

Marmaduke had some fun this morning teasing Mr. Peanutbutter with a little hide 'n seek around a snowbank. Angus, on the other hand, is much too dignified to participate in such shenanigans.