Day 62, or, Our Jobs are Safe


Dr. Sunshine

3/4/20231 min read

black and white concrete building
black and white concrete building

This is the best you can do, AI Bot? What is the meaning of this? I guess they're still working out the kinks. Anyway, I guess I'm in a ranty sort of mood, because why do the epic snow days always seem to hit on my work days? It always sort of feels that way, but this season it is particularly noticeable because there have been so few actual major snow days. My only consolation is that, if we're going to be snow snobs here (and I will, because it's all I got), today's snow is kind of heavy and sticky. Even though I missed the fresh snow today, I got some quality bonding time yesterday with Sunshine, Jr. on some groomed granular stuff that was pretty quick. Good times! In other news, no visible sunrise today, but we were treated to a very pretty winterscape.

The chickens are making the most of it, although after a few days of roaming free, I bet they're feeling a little crowded. Might have to shovel out a path for them...

What is it with kids shuffling their feet, whether dog or human? Chunk leaves the scuffed prints, while the proud and regal Mr. Peanutbutter always picks up his feet.