Day 61


Dr. Sunshine

3/3/20231 min read

white short coated dog in blue window
white short coated dog in blue window

Little Miss Sunshine loves horses, so I shall leave this AI-selected photo as-is. Speaking of Little Miss Sunshine, she offered up some photos of her own, specifically for me to post. She caught the cats, wait for it......,"horsing around!"

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Besides, that was yesterday, and we're here for today, particularly today's sunrise! The sun was in full view this morning, and even though it was a little chilly, the vibe was very Spring-like. There were a ton of birds flying about and singing, and the dogs were full of beans chasing after each other. It is getting me charged up too. As recently as a few weeks ago, I was barely getting myself outside in time to catch sunrise, and then only with prodding from Mrs. Dr. Sunshine and Chunk. Now I'm officially the one leading the charge out the door. Certainly the sun helps and today the promise of red and orange light in addition to the usual dose of UVA was too great to resist. But even on our recent cloudy days, I have been waking up with ease, feeling well-rested and ready to get a great start to my day. I am officially hooked.