Day 60, or, Conjunction!


Dr. Sunshine

3/2/20231 min read

brown mountain under white sky during daytime
brown mountain under white sky during daytime

Apparently the AI took note that I kept the other mountain shot and served up another one for me. Alas, I cannot take credit for this photo. I also didn't catch the Northern Lights the other night. But I did get a nice clean shot of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction yesterday just after sunset! Special thanks to Mrs. Dr. Sunshine for spotting it. I assumed it wouldn't be visible until later in the evening and probably would have missed it otherwise. Fortunately I mentioned it to her earlier in the day, and by gum she remembered! "Hey, isn't that the Jupiter thing you were talking about earlier?"

If not for that (and cute animal pictures) I would not have much to work with today. I don't even have my words today as I am pre-occupied with other mundane tasks. Turns out Mr. Peanutbutter's assessment of me yesterday was spot-on; full of empty promises. Although the dogs did get jerky treats after our walk, so I'm not a complete phony. Don't worry, I will share some deep thoughts soon. That quantum biology course is too juicy to keep all to myself!