Day 48, or Animals Aplenty!


Dr. Sunshine

2/18/20231 min read

Today we have a brisk morning with a glorious mix of blue sky and clouds and plenty of sun to go around. Even better, Sunshine, Jr. has hopped onboard for the sunrise walk. Even betterer, our neighbors joined us again. I guess I'll have to get serious about some nicknames. We are now up to 7 AM as the official documented sunrise time, so I made sure to get everybody tucked in at a reasonable hour last night:

There was some grumbling; Mr. Peanutbutter wanted to keep reading, and Chunk wanted more video game time. But I laid down the law and everybody was up and ready this morning without any prompting. While we (Chunk) waited patiently, and ever so briefly, for Little Miss Sunshine...

...we enjoyed a little pre-sunrise light show.

The sun has moved so much that my previously selected Sunrise Position Reference Point, (or SPRP, middle photo) is no good. The sun is now obscured by the stand of trees to the left. I'm doing a little left-shifting myself, but once the deciduous trees fill in I'm really going to be up a creek!

....followed by the real deal.