Day 44, or, Love is in the Air...


Dr. Sunshine

2/14/20231 min read

...but not the sunrise. We had blue skies directly above, but we were sitting in a bowl made of clouds this morning. Fortunately it broke like a dish on our granite countertop, so plenty of opportunity for soaking up some healthy amounts (not too much!) of UVA and UVB today. Of course, today is Valentine's Day. Mrs. Dr. Sunshine's gift to me is a course in Quantum Biology. My gift to her is that I am going to complete said class in Quantum Biology. I'm pretty excited about it, actually, because it will go in depth on light and water (did you know there are FOUR phases of water?!) and how our wellness is impacted at the molecular (and smaller!) level. So, two lessons today. First, never stop learning. Second, skip the candy and get your Hunny Bunny something practical to show him or her how much you really care.