Day 39


Dr. Sunshine

2/9/20231 min read

No sun and lots of rain today. Fortunately, the animal crew provided some entertainment for us this morning. First, Mr. Peanutbutter chased Angus into a tree. I don't know if Mr. Peanutbutter needs glasses or what. He will go so far as to share a bed with the cats in the house, but when he sees them outside he gets all worked up and wants to go after them. Anyway, Angus knows the drill and didn't get herself stuck in a moment she couldn't get out of. And then there is Chunk. I don't known about him either sometimes. Pictured below is his stalking method of choice, lying in wait for either Mr. Peanutbutter or Angus to pass close by. He just lays down wherever he happens to be, very still but in the wide open. Of course, they know and do not fear him so they will pass near enough for him to pounce and do his thing. I don't know though, if this is his hunting style and not just his play mode, I hope he never has to fend for himself, because that will be a long winter. His camouflage skills need some work. Then again, look at that face. With looks like his he'll never have to work a day in his life.

Angus treed and then continuing on her way, and the dogs very attentively observing her movements.