Day 30, Ending on a High Note


Dr. Sunshine

1/31/20231 min read

The clouds are back as I write, delivering some fresh snow, but we got a nice dose of sunlight this morning. In addition, my pre-game prep yesterday seemed to do the trick to counteract any adverse effects of late night exercise. I think the thing that did it was to force myself to drink more water after my match. Important stuff that is often forgotten because it is so simple. Enjoy your day. Make sure to get outside for a few quick sessions of light therapy. UVB won't be back until March or April, but UVA gets through everything, including clouds, and is an important signal to our brains.

Everyone waiting patiently for Little Miss Sunshine to come down the drive on her sled. Or maybe they are soaking up the sunrise.

If you refer back here and look closely, the Sun is definitely starting to shift to the left!