Day 28 Blew Chunks


Dr. Sunshine

1/29/20232 min read

Yes, the Sun retreated today, but that is not why Day 28 Blew Chunks. I'll get to that shortly. Indeed today was again a cloudy day. However I have been remiss recently for not giving credit to the friendly neighborhood birds who have given us something to smile about the last few days even if the sky could not. They have been out singing every morning for us. The chickadee's cheerful call stands out in particular, probably because it is the only one we know and can identify.

An added bonus today was the decision to go out for an actual hike. There are several local trails a short distance from us that make for nice short or long hikes. We picked a short one today, that is typically not too busy so we can sneak the dogs off leash for a bit. We hadn't been there in a while so it was a special treat, and of course the dogs loved it. Chunk perhaps a little too much though, as on the car ride home he gave us a new way to remember his nickname. The poor little guy barfed up his breakfast, all over poor Little Miss Sunshine's arm and the backseat of my car. Particularly impressive was the hunk of meat that looked exactly as when we gave it to him a few hours prior. I will spare you the photos (lest you think I'm a sicko, I didn't take any).

Anyway, enjoy the photos of the day!

A rare cat loaf sighting in the wild!

Sadly, no sunrise today.

Chunk enthusiastically supervising the preparation of his breakfast, perhaps a harbinger of things to come.