Day 26, The Sun's Triumphant Return


Dr. Sunshine

1/27/20231 min read

Alright. This morning was a confusing one. We started off with a little blue sky and some color in the clouds, so I was prepared to call it a sunrise. But Mrs. Dr. Sunrise overruled me. Fine. But then as it often does, the sky morphed minute by minute, and although it was technically past sunrise time, we could actually locate the sun in the sky, so she changed her mind. I agree I was initially being too generous, and maybe we still got the call wrong, but at least we did it together! In any case, we got a little more light than usual and that just makes everything a little better.

The Sun's opening gambit. Not very convincing, but we're getting desperate here!

But wait, what's this? Sunrise at the buzzer from downtown!

Awww, best buddies! A gratuitous puppy picture to make up for the blown call.