Day 23, or Pasteur vs Bechamp


Dr. Sunshine

1/24/20232 min read

I have never kept such close track of sunny vs cloudy mornings, so my initial reaction to this streak is to think this is unprecedented. However, methinks this is actually very precedented. Time will tell. In any case, I do think the lack of sun is getting to me, as something took me down for the count today. I am tired, a little achy, a little snurfy, and I just want to nap. Or perhaps something more wicked this way comes...a lymphatic restructuring! I hesitate to use the term "cold, nay, refuse! That term implies ownership, something external that is beyond my control. According to germ theory (still not a scientific law since 1546!), it may be that some alien bug has invaded my body to wreak havoc. However, I am certain that how I (didn't) take care of myself yesterday has everything to do with how I feel today.

First, I worked (damn work), staring at a computer screen all day long. That was probably not the worst insult as I crank up the nightlight feature and wear my blue blocker glasses. But then I played tennis. I play in a league that starts at about the time I am usually winding down with a book. Sure, everybody is a little different, and perhaps late night exercise is better than none, but most of us should exercise earlier in the day (sounds like a good future post!). Anyway, so I exercise and get my endorphins pumping when I should be winding down. In addition, my match is so late that I'm getting home and into bed about an hour later than I normally would, which means less sleep because you know I'm getting out the door by 7 to get my daily dose of sunrise. The coup de gras is my water intake. I have a good-sized bottle that serves my needs through the course of the match, but then I am in such a hurry to get home at the end I never take the time to refill my bottle for the ride home. All this adds up to hard sleepin', mouth breathin' dehydration all night. Probably some snoring too, sorry Mrs. Dr. Sunshine. All that to say, my body is out of balance, and needs to get back into balance. Or maybe my immune system is a little compromised, allowing that bug to do it's thing rather than be flicked away like a little booger on any other day.

I hear it all day long at work. "I know I don't have COVID because I never go out." To which I really want to ask, "If you aren't out and about exposing yourself to COVID bugs, then why do you think you have some OTHER infection?!" It really makes me think that at least some of Terrain Theory is correct. By the way, when you do an internet search for that term, it exists on Wikipedia as Germ Theory Denialism. That is some pretty strong language. Makes me wonder if there is something in there that someone doesn't want me to read. As I am often fond of saying, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Until next time, take a walk, get good sleep, drink some clean water and enjoy some pictures.

PS: I suppose I should say that this blog is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to be personal medical advice. Talk to your doctor before doing anything you read about on the internet.

There was actually a little bit of red on the horizon when we first got out, but it quickly yielded to gray skies.