Day 21


Dr. Sunshine

1/22/20231 min read

Well, the clouds seem to be here to stay. Fortunately, the days are getting longer so at least there is a diffuse glow in the sky. Also, there is once again a little snow on the ground to reflect the few scraps of light upward to brighten our world a little more. After squandering my free time yesterday, I have declared today to be a creative day to write a "real" blog post and to deliver a poem to Mrs. Dr. Sunshine, not necessarily in that order. I'm not sure about the poem, but the blog post is going to be a bit of a follow up on my Vitamin D post in regard to the utility of lab tests. Exciting!

The Sun situation has gotten so bad, it's affecting the animals! Mr. Peanutbutter decided he just has to get out of here, and Chunk can't make up his mind.