Day 16

12-4. Technically a cloudy day, but it got off on the right foot with a great sunrise!

Dr. Sunshine

1/18/20231 min read

I hit the ski hill yesterday accompanied by Mrs. Dr. Sunshine and our little Sunbeams! The combination of blue skies and active snowmaking made for some great pictures. I held them back in case of a cloud emergency, which I assumed would be today. But today?!?! Well, today is not that day my friends! True, the weather was mostly gray and rainy, but the Sunrisers among us got a treat before it turned to sh-ooo let's see those pictures!

PS: Sorry for posting so late today; "real life" got in the way. My morning walk is protected time that I keep blocked on my schedule, as the sunrise waits for nobody. But I can only hold off the daily obligations of our manufactured world for so long. Fortunately, the power of habit is kicking in to ensure my daily post is done, even if it's 9pm.