Chickens in the Mist

Day 141, 62-79

Dr. Sunshine

5/22/20231 min read

OK, so the chickens weren't actually in the mist, but it was close enough for me to finally use that title. The air was a little chilly and the ground was almost frosty, but we did have sunlight. Although between our efficiency in getting outside super early and the rapid proliferation of foliage, the rising sun is getting tricky to spot. There is just a tiny fleck of orange in the middle of the rightmost photo. With respect to wavelengths received, I think it is more important to be out during "official" sunrise than to have a direct line of sight to the sun, because the angle at which the sun's rays hit the atmosphere has a much bigger filtering impact. Fortunately, the wave property of light kicks in to surround us and fill in the space like water in a tub, so we're bathed in light even when we can't see it. Important to consider as there can be a lot of variability to when one would actually see the sun depending on whether one is on a hill vs in a valley, or surrounded by a high density of trees. All that to say: just get outside, would you?!

We had our usual feline escort this morning. There must have been a lot of unseen threats to protect us from, as Angie (AKA Angus) promptly zonked out when we came home. The dogs demonstrating excellent behavior for the promise of chicken jerky treats.