Day 134, 76-58

Dr. Sunshine

5/15/20231 min read

Boy Howdy was it ever chilly this morning! It was foggy and frosty out there, but that didn't stop the Missus and I from receiving our daily download from the sun and giving our feet a cold plunge. It felt so good the instant my bare feet hit the frosty grass, and even better when I put my flip flops back on!

I have been serving up a lot of empty calories lately while trying to take care of a bunch of other projects. I promise to dive back into my Mitochondriac reading and deliver something a little meatier (keto-friendly?!) soon! I at least hope everyone is enjoying the pictures and the daily confirmation that I am in fact getting outside for every sunrise.

Mr. Peanutbutter is not enjoying the pictures.

Moonset, Camo-Cat, Sunrise