Blue Zones

Day 281, 135-146

Dr. Sunshine

10/10/20231 min read

Mrs. Dr. Sunshine liked my "eat locally and with intention" twist, but she came back with a good one of her own: "When in Rome, eat as the Romans do." Now, maybe not the ancient Romans, because they gorged themselves and then induced vomiting in order to do it all over again. But, in the vicinity are the Greeks and all those Mediterranean types that seem to live a long time, prompting many to adopt the "Mediterranean Diet" and drink olive oil like it's going out of style. But we missed the bigger picture, and most still are. The food is important, but what we are missing is how they consume it, often in a narrow window of the day (ie intermittent fasting) and slowly with friends and family (ie with intention). Of course there is the matchup between the light that is growing the food and the light the consumer is receiving, and I know that is not getting the attention it deserves. If you account for all the factors, you can make any place a blue zone.

Here's Chunk taking our advice to heart, chewing on a locally sourced stick, from the maple tree directly above him. Although he could do a little better on the intention and share with Mr. Peanut Butter.